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You guys on Instagram?


Minor and teenage celebrities are using Instagram (and Snapchat and Facebook and Twitter) to help sell products like slimming teas and tooth-bleaching kits.  This isn’t super related to the Illuminati but it’s worth pointing out that this new form of advertising takes everything that’s BAD about traditional marketing, and amplifies it. So now these celebrities are our best friends rather than unattainables. And they’re making us look at our own teeth and bodies and realize they’re not white or slim enough.


You are being marketed at every second of your life, whether you realize it or not, and what’s the difference if it’s selling you your own broken government or selling you a way to fix your own broken self esteem?  Either way, you are a tool for the companies funding the government to demand more and more from the American people.


I hoooooooope you’re horrified. Otherwise, you’re not paying attention.

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