I admit that I do not know what the government or the companies are hiding from us. It’s too terrifying to even try to imagine. The Illuminati is clearly the harbingers of the New World Order and they channel the powers of Satan and all of the angels ever cast out of heaven to power the initiative. But the applicability of it is somewhat vague. How will the Illuminato takeover affect my life? What’s so bad about the New World Order? The Current World Order is pretty thoroughly fucked!


I’m not concerned with the Illuminati because I think they are committed to making the lives of the American people worse or different. I’m concerned with the Illuminati because of the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY IN THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.


This is supposed to be the government of the people, advocating on behalf of its citizens, encouraging equality and justice for all of its people. Instead, this government systematically discriminates against those who used to be minorities (WHITES ARE NOW THE MINORITIES, SO BE CAREFUL), allows the wealthy to wallow in their own wealth while somehow feeling taken advantage of, and forces the poor to stay poor and only get poorer while demanding their gratitude for dysfunctional governmental programs meant to feign the appearance of humanitarianism.


If we dismantle the actual government, then we can get to the puppet-masters behind it and work with the real rules of this country.


We are citizens of a nation that reports itself to be the greatest one on earth. And yet, most of us are barely getting by. OPEN YOUR EYES. OPEN THEM. OPEN YOUR EYES.

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