The  48 Laws of Power from the Illuminati HandBook are erm interesting. To paraphrase:


Never Outshine the Master

Mane yourself worse to make your leader seem better, validate their superiority, dim your talents, ensure that fear and insecurity are inspired by the master.


Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends

Be wary of betrayal, use your enemies wisely, make enemies strategically.


Conceal Your Intentions

Keep people at arms length, never let anyone know what you’re actually up to, send people down the wrong path, never allow a defense to be prepared.


Say Less than Necessary

And in doing so, conceal your intentions.


Guard Your Reputations

Nothing matters if your image doesn’t match your intentions and work so guard your reputation with your life because without an accurate one, your life is irrelevant.


Always Court Attention

Be conspicuous at all times, be a magnet for attention, never be bland.


Always Take Credit

Do whatever you can to ensure other people do your work for you and ensure their work is credited to you.


I can’t even continue because these are utterly OFFENSIVE and ANTI-AMERICAN and that nobody is paying attention is just paying into the tenants of this “religious” or “group” or whatever they consider themselves to be.


Beware, readers. You are in DANGER.


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