There are 48 laws of power in the Illuminati. As a former attorney, I grew consumed with studying and debunking these laws of power and found myself ….. obsessed. This is probably why I was let go from my position – which was a godsend as I was allowed more time to dig into this secret world.


After trying to get a position with my firm’s fiercest competition with personal injury lawyers in Gulfport, MS and them telling me that I was “unstable” and “concerning” I realized that I’m considered a CONSPIRACY THEORIST. This is such a condescending way to categorize someone who’s simply awake to the truth of modern American life.


So I signed up for some government subsidized assistant programs (because we should take advantage of the loopholes within our government if we want to debunk it) and now spend my time truth-seeking and truth-spewing because the people deserve to know. You deserve to know

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