Governmental Illuminati

First of all, let me start out with a disclaimer THE ILLUMINATI RUNS AMERICA AND THIS HAS NEVER BEEN MORE TRUE, OBVIOUS, UNAVOIDABLE AND SOMEHOW IGNORED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND THINKERS. The Illuminati are the super rich elite Americans like the Rockefellers, Duponts, Fords, and Bushes etc. At least 43 American presidents are directly related to one another BY BLOOD and two thirds of those are direct dependence of CHARLEMAGNE, Holy Roman Emperor from the year 800. Is this coincidence? IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE COINCIDENCE TO YOU, YOU’RE NOT LOOKING AT FACTS. People love to say, if you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention. NOBODY IS PAYING ATTENTION, NOBODY IS APPROPRIATELY OUTRAGED. EXCEPT FOR ME AND THEY CALL ME CRAZY.


People also looooove pointing out how strange it is that Donald Trump won the electoral vote in the 2016 presidential election even with losing the popular vote by nearly TWO MILLION VOTES. Do you still think you live in a democracy run by anyone or anything other than a wealthy elite secret organization? It’s so outrageous, that it must be true? IT’S NOT EVEN THAT OUTRAGEOUS. OUR PRESIDENT ELECT IS A BILLIONAIRE WHO GETS AWAY WITH THREATENING TO (AND PROBABLY ACTUALLY) GRABBING WOMEN BY THE PUSSY SOLELY BECAUSE BILLIONAIRES GET WHAT THE WANT. We have never, in United States history, been so close to pulling the Illuminati veil back! While I despise Mr. Trump and everything for which he stands, I appreciate that finally we will all know the truth. And THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE FROM THIS MODERN HELLSCAPE.


America is a one-party state – that party being the Illuminati. Sometimes they function through the democrats (Barack Obama thinks we don’t know! We know!) and sometimes they function through the republicans (Donald Trump doesn’t give a goddamn if we know or not! We know!) and rarely, but sometimes, they function through independent party (Bernie Sanders would have ripped down the curtain had he won and so the Illuminati stopped him from winning).


Do not confuse DEMOCRACY with FREEDOM, sheeple! And do not confuse POLITICS with REALITY! Politics in America is basically a reality show designed to distract us from the wealthy gaining wealth and the poor dying in record numbers. The Illuminati has even done a profoundly evil and maniacal (but successful) job of making the poor kill the poor allowing the wealthy to gain wealth trying to put an end to it. Hey, poor people, you’re Illuminati pawns and they profit off of you killing one another. That’s why the LITTER YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS WITH GUNS AND CRACK AND THEN CRIMINALIZE GUNS AND CRACK!


Sure you can lawyer up, find yourself an attorney, sue the government for all of the injury you’ve incurred on their watch, but you’ll lose because the *JUSTICE* (a word I use lightly) is designed to fuck you over! Oh and while you try to get justice through legal action, you’ll go broke while your white suburban attorney gets richer.


Now there have been lots of scapegoats for the Trump “win” but nobody is looking at the truth: popular vote counts for nothing. Electoral college is made up of Illuminati puppets. Trump is in the CLUB. And so is Hilary. But the elders would use them different. They will use Trump to start the RACE WAR as predicted decades ago by Charles Manson and WHEN I GET TO THE BOTTOM I GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THE SLIDE WHERE I STOP AND I TURN AND I GO FOR A RIDE TILL I GET TO THE BOTTOM AND I SEE YOU AGAIN.


White Pioneers were at the top of the slide for centuries. They see you approaching up the stairs. So maybe they have to ride back down to the bottom for a triumphant return to power. This is not the first time this has happened.



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